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There are several teams playing at this mission, you must choose one and collaborate with it.

  1. Team Prime: Join the Prime Land, as a citizen with a passport, and reach higher levels of responsibility in the prime government, by collaborating with Lord Odin Theta Prime.
  2. Team Gold: Trace, find, and isolate spies, block and harness third party governments strategies.
  3. Team Black: Identify global movements, strategies, that may change planetary history in following 500 years.
  4. Team Red: Build up culture, civilization.
  5. Team Green: Build up community, network, collaboration, family.
  6. Team Yellow: Build up wealth, property.
  7. Team Blue & Team Organic-Sounding-Light: Develop, protect and ensure the right and necessary knowledge, standards and indicators for development and rank will be utilized.
  8. Team White: Define information, Set emotions and thoughts utilized within the land, government, its limits and surroundings.
  9. Team Red-Orange: Stabilize and empower the flow of manifestation.



The Mission

There are 9 manipooler teams dedicated to deception and manipulation, by generating sex addiction, in the sex community.

Your mission is to find them, trace their operations, isolate them, and protect human kind.

Remember that their aim is to sexualize human consciousness, downgrade the purpose and function of human kind in nature, as of sexual objects, to be sold for self fish purposes and hidden agendas.



LOVABILITY is the ability to love and self love ourselves and one or many more we meet for the first time, while being present in the now=past=future, while listening to our heart and divine heart, feeling the tangibility of foreplay and lovemaking to be right (to experience no conflict with our head, nor with our life set up or lifestyle), and to stay in the feeling of gratefulness and celebration of love after lovemaking and foreplay. ( Ref. Prime Love Ability )

Strategic Leadership e-Training



Personalized design

  • Choose number of sessions of e-training, e-coaching, key subjects of interests, skills you wish to develop and fields of application.

Self-Assessment Sessions  ( Try it now! )

  • Find out your strategic leadership ability rank.


  • Advance your strategic leadership skills, along daily life, family and business challenges, with the support of a e-coach.

e-Training Modules ( Try a Monthly fee! )

  • Review and discuss key topics of study, case study, inspiration, knowledge, guidelines, workbooks, books, videos, information, personal and spiritual development topics.



The core knowledge (Primordial Technology Applied to Leadership – Prime Tech has been developed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 1987 -2016)  is the foundation for the e-training.

In particular Leadership in the fields of Business, Culture, Corporate & Governance (Prime Tech Theta),  Peace, Culture & Life Care: (Prime Peace),  Personal & Spiritual Development (Prime Yoga), Love Relationships, Family (Prime Love), Wealth, Property & Heritage ( Wealthability ).


  • Online self-assessment. Evaluation of customer strategic leadership skills, abilities, status, in relation to our standard Matrix 9+, Codex and Rank.
  • Design of a personalized e-learning program which includes all services described above.
  • The e-Training develops with focus on a field of application that suits the customer needs and interests. e-Modules of training are combined with e-coaching and e-self-assessment, e-game missions, e-books and GYM9s trainings.


Every season new e-documents are published, and added to the e-forum, and e-learning programs. The subscription gives to the customer the right to have access to the e-documents*

The membership, is a flate rate, monthly/seasonal fee, paid for a basic set of services. (ask us for more details)

YAY!  a new milestone, today i published the Matrix 9+ Strategy Game Board, i waited 9 years for this publication to become true, i am very happy, now the game is online and available for people to create own boards and play it.


Have been published today for every one to read and build own boards

The Prime Tech Standard used for quantification of the human value, capacity of responsibility and function, score card and rank, has several score lines that set 9+ levels or stages of development.

But how to train in them? Self education is a key if you decide not to take a training with LUIS(Myself), which means LUIS (myself) will receive only questions of those students registered and paid students.

Any case your case, you are welcome now to try the MATRIX 9+ GAME, is a board game, complementary to the rank training where score lines are used to define the mode of the moves, or quality, intention of the moves.

Inspired in the I Go Game, this multi board game is an awesome tool to train and master the real Matrix 9+, and also where to apply your training and rank wisdom and abilities.

i wish you enjoy it and decide to join the game sessions announced at the prime agora, and the game of the gods and goddesses in prime self union, bot complementary to this game, and the prime tech boot camp:


If a god or goddess would send an engine to measure, assess or influence a particular dimension, read it or track information out of it, i think those cosmic öbjects” would be the engines!

A cosmology article inspiring me today: If a god or goddess would send an engine to measure, assess or influence a particular dimension, read it or track information out of it, i think those cosmic öbjects” would be the engines! heart based consciousness, sounding light bodies!



Could cosmic megastructures be intruders from another world?

On a large scale the cosmos should be plain, but it’s not. Windows into other dimensions could explain mysterious objects billions of light years across.

A GIANT hole in the web of galaxies that fills the cosmos. A colossal string of quasars billions of light years across. A ring made out of hugely energetic bursts of radiation that spans 6 per cent of the visible universe. As our observations of the cosmos come into ever sharper focus, astronomers are beginning to identify structures bigger than any seen before. There’s only one problem: none of them should be there.

Ever since Copernicus proposed his revolutionary idea that Earth’s place among the stars is nothing special, astronomers have regarded it as fundamental. The cosmological principle it has evolved into goes a step further, stating that nowhere in the universe is special. You’re allowed to have patches of individuality on the level of solar systems, galaxies and galaxy clusters, of course, but zoom out far enough and the universe should exhibit a drab homogeneity.


Personal and spiritual development by playing a game. Play the game!

Personal and spiritual development by playing a game. Play the game!

LARP (Live action role play), online missions to be played at the digital or real daily life world, as proof test of personal and spiritual development training provided online.

  • Learning by playing, learning by having fun
  • An extensive list of possible missions, quests, fields ot challenge,  traces and favorite enquire themes to choose from, according to your own preferences.
  • Apply your personal development, wisdom, knowledge, experience or business skills, proof test your current abilities.
  • Train new skills, abilities, and gain more real knowledge * by receiving training and proof testing your new skills.
  • Play the game on real daily life.
  • Play solo, with a team or interaction between teams.
    Win points, gift certificates, even money, by playing.
  • Pre set missions you can choose from
  • Or a personalized design of your individual or team missions.
  • Play from any place in the world. You just need your e-mail.(**)
  • Choose 3, 5, 9, 27 or more days game play.

The first game is FREE, win points and gifts certificates for your next game with your performance!

Register for the game now!

  • (*) Real knowledge and training skills: trainings provide real useful knowledge and skills for tangible application in daily life, family and business.
  • (**) Eventually for some trainings, skype will be requested.

Try out a new possibility for training, learn by playing and having fun, 9 minutes training and proof-tests missions online or in daily life

Why LUIS provides personalized services? (CUSTOMER PROTECTION POLICY)

Why LUIS provides personalized services?


  • There are no two equal individuals, families, communities, networks, cultures, nations, governments or companies
  • Personalized design of a learning, coaching or consultancy process ensure customer satisfaction
  • Every customers preferences, needs, life process is considered along a personalized service experience
  • One learning program can not and should not be provided with the same process for two different individuals.
  • LUIS suggests not only a variety of content, methods, practices, wisdom, techniques, intensity, priorities, knowledge, to each customer, but as well a unique learning process.
  • Prime technology can not be copied or applied without previouse foundation training as trainer.
  • It is not possible, and would be a scam, if some one claims to know prime technology and teach it without having a certification and proot-tested training, it means not only capacity to apply in the field of the work, application, but also experience and ability to teach by applying the method utilized and designed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken and the capacity to lead and design a personalized learning process for the customers
  • Personalized services make it possible for customers to choose take a services with LUIS and understand that any copy or intent to reproduce his services is not only unresponsible but should be considered as ilegal or an act against customers rights of a quality of service
  • Customers of prime technology should have the right to be respected for their interest and receive prime technology training, coaching and consultancy as it is.
  • A personalized training make also possible to assign points or gift certificates for customers, according to their own performance.
  • It is true in prime technology we apply standards and stages of development but also consider the individual learning process as key for decision making regarding the development process of the customers ( self learning ability, capacity of tangible application, collaboration,c ommunication cocreativity with the trainer/coach/consultant.
  • LUIS prefers to meet one by one each customer and care personally for their experience, and satisfactory achievements, set of realistic goals and give truthful information regarding what prime technology and prime culture are, and what can one achieve through them.
  • LUIS encourages personalized design of the learning program, coaching or consultancy also for the cases of 100% money back guaranty (not all services give this right to customers), as for honesty and communication and balance between realistic goals, customers capacity, and how effective is the learning process/method and the benefits that will be achieved.
  • LUIS invites every one interested to teach prime technology applied, prime love culture and prime culture to join a complete training program for trainer.




The best three members of every jedi school acting as representatives of the global jedi coalition intent  to discover who are the members of the Golden Jedi Order, a secret organization that provides training to the Golden Jedi, Mythic mystics that have been on earth living for eons.

Will the modern jedi orders find the Golden Jedi, and if yes, which would be the first order to find them, and what would they offer to them.

Within a new re-shaped world by the global jedi culture, the supremacy of the jedi orders and their beliefs on earth is key for each jedi school future.


  • To find the Golden Jedi 1


  • 9, 18 or 27 days


  • Training might be included according to case. ( Training is based on self study tasks)


The first 1 missions are free of charge, register fee apply. After each mission you might complete enough points or gifts certificates for a following mission free. Is up to your performance!