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Modern black magicians, turned demigods, and never played the game of the gods

Modern black magicians, turned demigods, and never played the game of the gods

Advise for traveler and heroes by the game master

” When a hacker plays to be a psychic, by knowing your future

when a saboteur and spy plays to be magician able to create spells and change your future
when an empath and hypnotizer plays to be a clairvoyant able to read your future and all your future actions
when a psychic pusher and psy-hijacker, plays to be have similar powers than you
is when the intentionality of reading you
becomes that access gate to the field of information
necessary to destroy you and manipulate you
is when a modern demigod, plays to be a helper, and introduces it self to you as a spiritual person with knowledge,
to later let you know that all the destiny of your life
was created by her spells, powers, magic, will, hypnosis.

only greed for power

without a little drop of knowledge

and complete ignorance of the meaning of the world spiritual responsibility

when finally a “faked-friend”, is there for the only purpose of desempowering you as a demigod, and consuming your wealth and life

is when you realize, that you have been deceived by your own mind

by a deluded heart

It is when you realize that all the powers, skills, knowledge you have

have been utilized against you, in order to control your world and life

and what for?

only for the sake of utilizing you, and your wealth, for purposes you would have never endorsed otherwise.

It is your responsibility, to realize that you and your life, power and dreams, values and kindness, naive and good hearted self, have been pupetized.

as the reality i that not every one that wishes to play the game of the gods, would be worth of the gods attention nor of their blessings

bittered, spoiled, weak, poisoned hearts, may reach one day power, and even behave as demigods, they may intent to play games, along the tissue of realms, but the game of the gods, is only for the chosen ones.

there for be aware on who ask you for help, offer you help and friendship, ask you questions about people you know or dont know or even wish to work for you

in our modern world, the game may look different
but the intention and hearts did not change
humanity is still the same”