The game experience will bring you not also skills and knowledge or information by, but empower you and inspire you to enquire. Players are welcome to choose a field to enquire the modern world. Here a list of QUESTIONS you would like to add to your personalized game settings.

  • peace care
  • human rights
  • family care, parenting, conception
  • culture care
  • life care, heritage
  • vegan and raw lifestyle
  • city development and management
  • technology
  • wealth
  • sex, love making
  • politics
  • religion
  • gender
  • human kind species survival
  • multicultural, multiracial, multinational, multidisciplinary
  • corporate responsibility
  • management methods and practices
  • sustainable living
  • non violence
  • love and money
  • prime love

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In the search of the Primes & The Primes' Culture