Rules, Conditions & Agreements (Policy)

  • When the task have been solved, players will receive points and gift certificates
  • No one knows on advanced which task will you receive, only the game masters.
  • No one received the same task.
  • Eventually some tasks will include interaction with other players or not at all.
  • 100% Privacy (for solo players)
  • 100% Safety (you will not be assigned to risky or dangerous missions, unless you ask for a % X-treme  modality)
  • You choose game settings: % interaction with other players, game location (digital, organic, geo), skills, and gift certificates you wish, game levels, mission length and others. Game settings you can change every season.
  1. be honest with yourself, do only what you honestly feel you would like to do.
  2. act only from your heart, in a self-love, loving, prime love, divine love state of the heart.
  3. be self responsible, and trust but support other players (if interaction settings) to be self responsible as well.


Why Odin Theta Provides personalized services?


  • Age: There is no age limit.*
  • Experience: No previous experience is needed.
  • Limits: There are no gender, race, culture, nationality or beliefs conditions.
  • Intentional: Are aware and intent to care for peace, human rights, family, culture, life and heritage.
  • Make it Tangible: Respect local and international laws, life and culture care principles, peace & human rights, family and heritage.
  • Interaction: Respect individual & collective, family, culture, nation, species natural will, preferences and choices within the organic limits of self love, love and divine love.
  • Self-responsibility: Acts based on self-honesty, self-love, love, divine love (3 Golden rules)
  • Children: there are missions also for children, only with parental monitoring.
  • Field: It is a game played on real life.
  • Liability: Even the game suggests complete safety unless x-treme missions, you need to take 100% responsibility of any damage to third party or to yourself caused along your playing time. As it is a game you play within your private time, and no ones monitors you, is there no possibility for the game master and its assistants to advice you or warn you of any danger or risk or potential harm. You must take 100% responsibility regarding your own safety, security and consequences of your actions.
  • Fees may apply according to game settings.
  • Register.
  • Information: The game master will create a profile of you, only visible to yourself. The information in your profile and records of your game play process, will be kept private, will not be sold nor shared with any third party; and will be kept after you left the game only for reference records for possible return, for as long the game exists.

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