Head-hunters Mission – The Hunt of the Light-workers has begun

The Mission

Find the leaders of the light-workers movement, unvail their masks, and show their deception strategy, then hunt then down.


The light workers, workers of the light, workers of lucifer, have been poisoning the ascension process of earth by disinforming humanity on the truth the planet, its history and the distribution 90.9.1 has been assigned to.

As a faction of the iluminati column, designed for chaos, confusion and ignorance, have engaged into implanting des-empowerment and poverty on earth.

In order to avoid the virus of the light workers to expand, it is necessary to trace and find the replicators of their signals and deactivate their pulse.

done this, purify the earth from their virus.


  • You are a jedi, traveler or hero, assigned to collaborate with earth ascension.
  • Your challenge is to perceive the deception in their factions, theater and strategies, and see through their magic and psychomagic, in order to find your target without being brain washed or killed.
  • Many have been sent, no one has returned. Some have been found death, killed or neutralized for ever.

Your training:

  • Any that is useful

Your Equipment:

  • Any on Hand


  • This mission will give you 9000 points and the right for a rank assessment.


  • Today, now.


  • Only when your mission have been completed


  • Yourself.

Announce you are taking the mission

  • Communicate with the gods on time.

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