Mission Earth 9 – The purpose of wealth

The Mission

Earth-Beam 5 must save the earth which has been developing a very strange degenerative-transformative-mechanical mebahviour. The earth element which is the most powerful of the 9 elements after the heart and the divine heart, has the power to control minds, perception, behaviour of every one that utilizes it. Earth-Beam 5 must find the locations where to activate an anti-virus for turning the earth element back to a natural organic life behaviour in unity with life and divine principles. There are 9 geo-digi locations where the antivirus need to be activated/implanted. Wealth must create and care for life, culture, family and peace. Would be the future of earth change by Earth beam legacy mission? May Earth-beam 5 be able to save the earth?

Mission Length: 9 – 27 days

Training: Included

Fee: According to personalized game settings from 9.00 EUR – 27.00 EUR / training, time length or mission.

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