The Mission Leader Project

The Mission Leader

Traveler 5 received a secret mission, he/she/it is about the assault the central field of a huge corporation by brining by to the market a new product. The strategy for this project need to be designed carefully. First some data is necessary, then a good concept and much planing, the time for recruiting will be there for finding the right team. Traveler 5 need to be ready in 27 days; the day the corporation will launch a new business line to the market, traveler 5 and his/hers/its team will be already there, waiting for them. Traveler 5 is the Mission Leader.

Mission Length:

27 Days


How to start up a business project in 27 days?

Intensity :

Along 27 days, at least 9 hours every 9 days. (27 hours in total)  ( Player can request 3 hours daily = 27×3 = 81 hours in 27 days, or less)


Players will learn and apply all that is necessary for start up  of a business; start up a business, including recruiting and training.


  • 1.00 EUR = Register once life time fee
  • Mission fee: vary according personalized player settings from 18.00 EUR to more.



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