Prime Pax


9 mayor wars are taking place on the quantumverse sector called Earth9

The culture, religious, gender, political and wealth based networks, clusters, societies, clans and houses are playing a game of diplomacy,  territory control, deception, war, sex, money, no money and peace.

Prime Pax,  is an individual collective dedicated to implement a primordial, primal, prime peace, through direct intervention at geo, digi, travel and time locations, for the survival of the multi-species and advanced of its civilizations.

Care for peace, family, culture, life and heritage, is a primordial responsibility of the prime pax.


If you decide to accept it, is to find a prime pax cluster, join them along a prime pax training, and reach a rank level that would help you contribute with future generations today, through prime pax work.


Decepticons have implemented faked prime pax clusters all around, and intent to recruit you, while deceiving you and pulling you away from the PRIME CODEX.

You must achieve the 5th state of prime love, and consciousness, at least if you wish to become able to perceive their deception and manipoolation strategies.

You must reach the prime pax boot camp on time, and find the prime master of the golden jedi order, for an assessment and rank, role, responsibility and assignment of missions.

The prime master is on a mission on Earth9.

In order to find the prime master you may have to pass through many trails and trials, some created by the Prime Master himself, others by the decepticons.


No fee, Every time you complete a stage of the mission, you will receive points and eventually become eligible for gift certificates for advanced training.


Standard register


Rank, responsibility, function, to be trained by the Prime Master Jedi



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