The Dark Lords of Earth 5

The Dark Lords of Earth 5


Jedi of all Jedi orders now trace the activity from the dark lords on earth.

Your mission is to identify dark lords, and trace their activities, provide a complete report, on location and assets.


The only reference you may have for finding the Dark Lords is the GJO report made by GJO Prime Master Lumal Foda, Lord Odin Theta Prime

How many Jedi lords of this school there are on earth, we do not know, also not the interdimensional jedi cultures that support or back up this school, nor the traces of it in human culture history (registered, public or hidden)?


Jedi that make complete reports will be rewards with gift certificates and points for the GJO Trainings and other Prime Tech Trainings online or organic, including e-coaching sessions.


Register with 1.0 EUR and Play!

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