The Golden Business Manager

The Mission

The golden business manager will in following weeks launch a new business at another location.

The main goal of the mission is to find out more about the Golden Business Manager, and the Prime Business Network he is member of.

In order to discover the business concept, investment, partners and location the traveler, a business agent of the travelers business network,  received the mission of creating as well a counter business strategy, in order to utilize the Golden Business Manager start up, for the benefit of the travelers business network.

The traveler will need to face a limited amount of time, has very few contacts, and possibilities for interaction, and will need to travel to another location for the research.

If the traveler reaches the necessary information on time, may be able to create a counter business strategy at the right time and place.

In between, the traveler has been informed, there are three business spies, and another 9 companies in competition, trying to decode the golden business manager start up.

The traveler may meet them and take them by business contacts, or informers, but actually may be a desinformation strategy.

If the traveler meets the Golden Business Manager, may have the chance to reach the information necessary for his business and opportunity for a new strategy for his own business group.

The Challenge

In order to succeed in this mission the traveler will receive a training at his headquarter, The training will take 9 days, 9 minutes each day. If the traveler reach the necessary performance, may have more chances for success.

Which is the training the traveler will need? ask the 9 min business trainer.

  • Mission Length: 27 days
  • Training: Yes training included, of 9 days
  • Fees: According to training. Personalized training program

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