The Golden Fist Master

The Golden Fist Master

  • A hidden mystic martial artist, ┬áthe master of ” the golden fist” desapeared in the wilderness several ages ago.
  • The golden fist is a sacret technique developed by the primes ( The culture of the Primes, the golden fist have been developed by applying Prime Technology – heart based consciousness) for peace.
  • In a world in commotion, warriors fight for supremacy and control, trying to find out who is the best and which are the ideal techniques to gain more power and control.
  • There is a gossip, the Golden Fist Master is still alive and some have seen him practing in the forest.
  • Peace warriors would like to find him and learn the golden fist technique before the warriors of chaos find him.
  • 3 Jedi schools would like to take property of the technique without the Golden fist master to know and claim later the schools belong to the Prime Lineage of the Sun. These schools sent Jedi undercover as chaos and peace warriors.
  • The Golden Fist Master is informed of all of these events.


Find the golden fist master before the jedi, chaos warriors and peace warrior. Learn the Golden Fist. Become a Golden Fist Master.


Points, Gift Certificates


As soon as you registered.


You may need additional perception, language, and geo location-navigation and time management skills for your quest.  Training will be provided.



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