The Jedi Hidden School

The best three members of every jedi school acting as representatives of the global jedi coalition intent  to discover who are the members of the Golden Jedi Order, a secret organization that provides training to become a Golden Jedi, a mythic mystic type of Jedi that have been living on earth by eons.

Will the modern Jedi orders find the Golden Jedi, and if yes, which would be the first order to find them, and what would they offer to them.

Within a new re-shaped world by the global jedi culture, the supremacy of the jedi orders and their beliefs on earth is key for each jedi school future. Which is the role that plays the Golden Jedi Order, and why is a hidden school?


  • To find the Golden Jedi 1


  • 9, 18 or 27 days


  • Training might be included according to case. ( Training is based on self study tasks)


The first 1 mission is free of charge, register fee apply. After each mission you might complete enough points or gifts certificates for a following mission free. It is up to your performance!


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