The nature of time

spiritual time management.001

Play the game & at the same time develop yourself!

The Nature of Time 

  • Emotional time-process management and emotional decision making.
  • The quantum nature of time.
  • The 4 seasons, sun year and the 9 elements of life. Time awareness.
  • Time emotions and process eaters.
  • Setting priorities, defining mile stones, process and goals.
  • Strategy time management.
  • The right use of schedules/charts.
  • Alternative time frequencies.
  • The use of 45 min time units.
  • Synch organic time of nature & the time of the heart. ( Divine time and spiritual time management )

The missions

  • According to personalized player settings, missions might vary.
  • Missions will include training on time management, “the nature of time”.
  • There are several missions planned for the players @ “the nature of time” field.

Missions length  : 9-27 days.

Fee:  18.00 EUR /  27 days (*)

(*) up to 9 missions.

Play now, register by using paypal.



After paypal booking, in 3-5 week days you will receive an e-mail from the game master Odin Theta,  for personalized game settings.




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