The Prime Government



There are several teams playing at this mission, you must choose one and collaborate with it.

  1. Team Prime: Join the Prime Land, as a citizen with a passport, and reach higher levels of responsibility in the prime government, by collaborating with Lord Odin Theta Prime.
  2. Team Gold: Trace, find, and isolate spies, block and harness third party governments strategies.
  3. Team Black: Identify global movements, strategies, that may change planetary history in following 500 years.
  4. Team Red: Build up culture, civilization.
  5. Team Green: Build up community, network, collaboration, family.
  6. Team Yellow: Build up wealth, property.
  7. Team Blue & Team Organic-Sounding-Light: Develop, protect and ensure the right and necessary knowledge, standards and indicators for development and rank will be utilized.
  8. Team White: Define information, Set emotions and thoughts utilized within the land, government, its limits and surroundings.
  9. Team Red-Orange: Stabilize and empower the flow of manifestation.


In order to join  a team you must first get a passport, and join the prime land officially.


Vary according to team, mission, points accumulated. The most advanced players will be invited to join the Strategic Leadership Program of the Game of the Gods and Goddesses in Prime Self Union.


Join the Prime Pax Training & register for the game.

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