The Trace

Players will receive personalized missions, designed according to game settings they can change any season.

The personalized missions are calling the trace. A trace is a mark a player leaves along own journey.

But a trace might not be developed only at one single field of experience or interest. As multi-talents and multi-skills, also multi-culture and multi-discipline, as well multi-trace is possible.

Players can choose to join one or more of the following traces as environments for their personalized mission or just receive a personalized mission with the core foundation environment of Prime Culture and Prime Technology.

  • The Valyrie Program: Prime Love trace for women only.
  • The Helios Program: Prime Love trace for men only.
  • The Golden Sphere of Love Program: Prime Love trace for couples
  • The Tron Program: I.T.  trace
  • The Prime Humanic Program: Primordial Technology applied to transhumanic applications and posthumanism
  • The Angels Program:  Assistance on prime culture development missions
  • The Travelers Program: Lifestyle travel and global citizenship.
  • Prime Archeology Program: Prime culture, language, archeology, neopolytheism
  • GJO Program: The art of peace, family, culture, life care and heritage.

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