What is the game ?

What is the game ?

Real life is taking place now, is teh field where all we need to learna dn need to be triggered to learn takes place, we just need to be attentive and listen, notice the meaning of every instant for our paths.

No one can give you a path, you are already on the path, this is all about the game.

The journey track or ideal themes for your to explore in or learn you choose by your own… through a personalized game settings, then I will assign to you a mission or task. Where you will apply not only the training given along the game, know how, and other,s but your heart, awareness and consciousness. It will be in daily life.

After task completion, you will receive some points or gift certificates for further missions or trainings or books/podcasts/music or others, including wealth.

I wish you enjoy the game

Odin Theta


the nature of time

spiritual time management.001

Play the game & at the same time develop yourself!
* Emotional time-process management and emotional decision making.
* The quantum nature of time.
* The 4 seasons, sun year and the 9 elements of life. Time awareness.
* Time emotions and process eaters.
* Setting priorities, defining mile stones, process and goals.
* Strategy time management.
* The right use of schedules/charts.
* Alternative time frequencies.
* The use of 45 min time units.
* Synch organic time of nature & the time of the heart. ( Divine time and spiritual time management )