Personal and spiritual development by playing a game. Play the game!

Personal and spiritual development by playing a game. Play the game!

LARP (Live action role play), online missions to be played at the digital or real daily life world, as proof test of personal and spiritual development training provided online.

  • Learning by playing, learning by having fun
  • An extensive list of possible missions, quests, fields ot challenge,  traces and favorite enquire themes to choose from, according to your own preferences.
  • Apply your personal development, wisdom, knowledge, experience or business skills, proof test your current abilities.
  • Train new skills, abilities, and gain more real knowledge * by receiving training and proof testing your new skills.
  • Play the game on real daily life.
  • Play solo, with a team or interaction between teams.
    Win points, gift certificates, even money, by playing.
  • Pre set missions you can choose from
  • Or a personalized design of your individual or team missions.
  • Play from any place in the world. You just need your e-mail.(**)
  • Choose 3, 5, 9, 27 or more days game play.

The first game is FREE, win points and gifts certificates for your next game with your performance!

Register for the game now!

  • (*) Real knowledge and training skills: trainings provide real useful knowledge and skills for tangible application in daily life, family and business.
  • (**) Eventually for some trainings, skype will be requested.

Try out a new possibility for training, learn by playing and having fun, 9 minutes training and proof-tests missions online or in daily life

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